Info-graphic by Natalia Rodriguez

Special thanks to the creative icon designers at IconsArchive


Infographic: Future Intern Maps Brand-Inspired Pitch


Dear Fast Company,

I am a student from Southwestern University studying Computer Science and English. I love innovation, thinking, and design. With an inclination towards running, coding, theater and drawing, I can comfortably say I am part of your magazine’s target demographic. My small university is located in Texas and I spent part of my last semester convincing professors to allow me to carry an independent study in New York City for the Fall so that I could work with you.

To shine light on my slight obsession, I must mention you have been my homepage for over half a year now. On my laptop, if you type ‘fa’ in chrome, it is not Facebook that appears as the first option, but the beautiful words “Fast Company.” I reblog you, tweet you and like you– some might even say love you.

Attached you will find an info-graphic you inspired featuring some of my editorial experience.While I am not daydreaming about you, I am coaching high school teachers to code and working on my first app to increase literacy in bilingual children.
Thank you for your time and consideration, please let me know what steps to take next.